Western Maryland Rail Trail – Hancock, MD

When we want to ride somewhere that is peaceful, green and flat, with absolutely no auto traffic and very few other bikers, we make the 90-minute drive from DC to this hidden gem.  On this occasion, we started out at the eastern trailhead of the Western Maryland Rail Trail, conveniently located near a gas station with a mini-mart. After water bottling up, we unloaded everything and headed west on the single-road-width paved trail. The first mile is quiet and passes beneath a pretty stone bridge, but soon it runs parallel to Rt. I- 70. (This is the same I-70 that runs from Baltimore, MD to Denver, CO, and while it’s loud, only a few miles of the trail run within earshot of it.)

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Baltimore & Annapolis Trail plus BWI Trail, MD

The Baltimore and Annapolis Trail plus the BWI Trail  are two distinct trails that connect at the  northwestern trailhead of the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail via the  John Overstreet Connector.  We found this to be a good place to start because it’s closest to one of our favorite breweries (scroll down if you’re curious!).  So, back and forth to Annapolis is about 28 miles, then the loop around the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshal airport is another 10.5 miles. 


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Natl’ Central Railroad & York County Heritage Trail, MD-PA

By Guest Blogger, Dave Stratton

The National Central Railroad Trail (aka Torrey C. Brown Tail), known in Maryland as the NCR Trial, is a popular and true rails-to-trail bike path maintained in part by the Gunpower Falls State Park. The trail runs north-south and connects Hunt Valley, Maryland with York, Pennsylvania. It is approximately 45 miles in length and the terrain is relatively flat. Once in Pennsylvania, the trail becomes the Heritage Rail Trail County Park.  This combo trail description claims it is 48 miles long, while this one claims it is only 41 miles long – so, as always, only YOUR odometer knows for sure!

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