Sioux Falls Loop – Sioux Falls, SD

This was our first trip to South Dakota, so obviously, it was also our first trip to Sioux Falls. We’d read about the Sioux Falls Loop and decided to begin at the southernmost point and ride counterclockwise around the city. We parked and unloaded our bikes at Yankton Trail Park and headed east through beautiful parkland for a few miles before turning north at Tuthill Park. Here the trail follows the not-very Big Sioux River, winding along its manicured and tree-lined banks, beside pretty picnic areas and soccer fields that no doubt come alive on the weekends. But it was lovely and quiet during the weekday afternoon when we visited and we passed few other bikers on the trail.  

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George S. Mickelson Trail- South Dakota

We knew the George S. Mickelson Trail would be challenging both from what we’d read about the unrelenting climbs and from the wind blowing Kellie’s gloves several yards from where she’d laid them atop of the car.

The 108-mile trail runs south-to-north and we started at the northernmost point in the “old Western town” of Deadwood, South Dakota. (We’re thinking casinos and its proximity to Sturgis have helped to keep it alive.)  It was the first time either of us had been to South Dakota, so we hit Mount Rushmore the night before, then began the next morning on a paved trail that ended approximately one-quarter mile later. From then on, it was cinder and dirt, but well-maintained and lined with globe streetlamps for the next mile and a half.

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